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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today we visited the very unique city of Venice.      They have been having a lot of flooding, but checking the tide charts, it appeared it would end yesterday morning.     It also appears that today has the least rain for the rest of the week.     Off to the train station......

We found the water bus with the most stops so that we could enjoy the area slowly.    (thanks Rick Steves)    

Everything needed for the 58,000 residents, shops and hotels needs to come in by boat.    All garbage leaves the same way.  

The Rialto Bridge was constructed in 1588.

This ambulance was parked with lights flashing at this residence.     I presume there is some sort of medical facility here.

Some buildings have beautiful artwork on them.    Others impress with their arches, etc.  

The restaurant and shop owners were really hawking their places.    While it seems busy to me, I'm sure it is a fraction of what they would have on a non-rain, non-flooding day in the off season.

The inside of St. Mark's Basilica

The flooding in Venice occurs when there is an unusually high tide that combines with strong winds.   Add in the shallow Adriatic Sea effects and you get a surging storm tide.    You absolutely do not want to get into this water without protective boots because it contains raw sewage and who knows what else.     It looks clear, but......

Quite the fashion statement, wouldn't you agree?

These tables should have diners around them, not water.

The shops along here are open, but......

St. Mark's Square - you can see the elevated walk ways in front of the Basilica.

The return trip to the train station.

Tomorrow we devise Plans B, then C,on to D and possibly E.     Stay tuned........