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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Innsbruck - The Final Day

Much to my dismay, the Swarovski Kristallwelten is closed.    They have been open for 19 years and are now the second most popular attraction in the entire country.   They closed in October for a major renovation and won't reopen until May for their 20th anniversary celebration.    This multimedia theme park centers around the magic of crystal and features moving walls, sculptures and sparkling crystals in underground caverns.     Bummer!    I was even going to wear my new Swarovsky bracelet.....
We did visit the Swarovski showroom in Innsbruck, however.    It's a small scale version of Kristallwelten, but still great.

The stairs are plexiglass/glass and are filled with crystals.   Amazing.

There is nothing to compare with the raw beauty of the Alps.    Every time you turn a corner there is another beautiful view.    Our side of the river has it's own beauty.

There is a casino in town, so we decided to check it out.   We anticipated that they would want our passports, but when they looked at RJ and said that he would have to rent an "appropriate" jacket, we decided this wasn't our type of place.    Granted, we look a bit scruffy after two months of travel, but this is not Monte Carlo (or is it?)

We stopped for a farewell lunch at our favorite restaurant.     The city was decorating for Christmas and the workers in this cherry picker are putting up lights.    This tree is tall - roughly 80 feet high.

Amazing how this truck can levitate.....

It is time for a late afternoon snack.   We'd been wanting to try this little sausage market (with tables and beverages).     We decided on a simple sausage plate.    The waitress even volunteered to take our pictures

We are off to Italy.......