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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Traveling up the Alps

Today we took a series of cable cars to the near top of the major ski area overlooking the city.   (there are actually nine ski areas)

The view of the River Inn and the city of Innsbruck from the mountain shows how the Alps surround this city.    Yes, camera club members, I know the bird should be entering the picture, not exiting, but aren't the mountains beautiful in the background?

The first cable car takes you to Seegrube, where you can board a different cable car taking you to Hafelekar.      We did both legs of the trip to see the panoramic views first hand.      We were not disappointed!     Our Host advised us to then hike up to the cross, which is placed at the top of every mountain range.   
Fortunately, there are resting spots along the way.

Is anyone, besides me, sick of this coat yet?    RJ likes it because I am easy to find when I wander off to take a photo.

Proof that I made it to the top!

Views from the top.     You can see the people down below just starting their hike up here.

Again with that bird leaving the picture.

That's a forest in the middle.

When we were nearly back down to Hafelekar I noticed there was a brave soul about to take off parasailing.     Unfortunately, they were not taking passengers.    It definitely looks like something I would love to experience.

I got a bit too close to this second glider and wasn't able to get both the person and their apparatus in the picture as he stepped off the mountain.

At Seegrube we had a late lunch and enjoyed the views.    I had overdressed, thinking it would be very cold up this high, but it was surprisingly warm and an absolutely beautiful day!

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  1. Please don't go jumping off any cliffs over there! It is beautiful and it looks very peaceful, but I'll never understand your need to fly around high in the sky.