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Monday, November 10, 2014

Traveling to Bologna

Our train ride from Innsbruck to Bologna was beautiful.    It was snowing when we left, huge flakes that totally overshadowed the beautiful warm day yesterday.    I had hoped to get some final looks at the Alps, but that was not to be.    What we got were absolutely beautiful views of the snow covered trees.     The pictures today are all from a fast moving train, so excuse the lack of total clarity.

As we were nearing the Italian border the train stopped and we sat for 50 minutes.   We were never advised of the reason, but the snow was accumulating fast and there was a major downhill area ahead, so I'm guessing it was for safety reasons.    I'm good with that!

After our descent into Italy, it became green again and we saw wave after wave of vineyards.    This later changed into wide valleys of apples and olive trees and vegetable fields.    The architecture is also changing from the chalet style homes to a different style that I can't label.

We have found Guilo and our apartment.    My first European bidet.    I couldn't live in this apartment, though, the kitchen is half the size of a galley kitchen.    However, I have no plans to cook.

We seem to have a routine and first on the list is always finding a market and picking up a few things. Our host recommended a restaurant for tonight.    Hope we can find it in the dark since he advised us you never eat before 1900 and preferably 2000 and it gets dark here about 1700.

RJ is determined, however, and we do find it with little fanfare.    The food is delicious, although we were their first customer of the evening at 1930.

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  1. Beautiful. All I could do while looking at the images was hum "my Bologna has a first name, it's m.a.r.t. i.