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Monday, November 24, 2014


We had part of one day in Milan.      We chose to walk around and visit the cathedral.      The interior was beautiful, but not unique.    However, the outside had many spires, each topped with a statue and most had many more statues along the spire.      There were statues around windows, doors and everywhere they could possibly place them.

We decided to go to the roof of this beautiful cathedral.     We did, however, cheat by taking the lift most of the way.      

In this shot you can see the mountains around the city.

You can see the crowds in the square.    This shot is at the point we got off the lift.    

This is along the roofline where we were walking.

After climbing a good number of steps, we arrived at the top of the roofline.    

This "appetizing" pan of fish was on sale in an open air market.

This Rossa Peroni was the best beer I've had in some time.     I doubt they have it back home, though.

We are heading back to England to visit family.     From there, back to the U.S.A.    We are ready!

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  1. Your overseas adventure is nearing its end - your American adventure awaits you.