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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sunday in Bologna

About half the stores are closed today and all restaurants close about 1600.     Fortunately our Host advised us about this and we have been saving "doggie bags" for dinner tonight, although the amount we have been eating should probably be cause for a dinnerless evening.     Instead we will have remnants of two wonderful pasta dishes from our first couple days.

We did some more walking and exploring today.  

This large elevated park is a local gathering place.

A typical street in the older section of town.

There are food stores everywhere, most displaying fresh pastas and parma hams.

I only saw this once, but really wonder what it was doing in a small local market.

Fresh peppers.

The stereotypical image of Italians on scooters/motorcycles is true.    They are everywhere, and the drivers can be young or quite elderly, male and female.     It's interesting watching them store their grocery bags between their feet, etc.

There are covered porticos on almost all streets.    I'm not sure if it is to protect you from the rain or motorcycles!

The Basillica Di Santo Stefano is interesting because it is actually seven churches within this odd shaped building.    They challenge you to find all seven.    I failed because I could only find six.

Tomorrow, Venice...........

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