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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Innsbruck Impressions

Our first full day in Innsbruck, Austria.      I was amazed this morning to look out the windows of our apartment and see the snow capped Alps.    It was dark when we arrived so I had no idea of the beauty of the area.    
An after dark shot showing the area where we live –  we are one row of buildings back from the water but get that wonderful view of the mountains.

We found a market much like the English Market we saw in Ireland, although about half the size.       We went back later in the day to pick up some salami, cheese, pickled artichokes, prosciutto wrapped figs and olives for dinner with our fresh bread and wine.    Life is so much easier now that RJ can eat everything!   (does this count as cooking?)
It is unseasonably warm here so we were able to eat lunch at an outdoor restaurant – no coats and no heaters.      Love it !

These are pictures taken in the Old Town area of Innsbruck.     I just realized that I didn’t take any building pictures.      Oh well, we have a full week here.    There’s time….

 It is so nice to have internet again on the laptop.......


  1. What memories you brought back to us when we were In Innsbruck as one of the cities we stopped in on our 40th wedding anniversary trip. If I remember in the last photo there is high in the mountain a prison turned into a restaurant. I bought a water color from a local artist to enjoy and remember this beautiful place.

  2. What a beautiful shot - I love the first photo taken after dark - it is stunning. Do I feel a camera club entry there? Isn't internet lovely? Who ever we were stealing it from earlier must have left, now we have to use the hot spot....oh well.