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Monday, November 3, 2014

Concerts and Glass in Praha

Tonight we went to a classical music concert.      It was a four piece string ensemble plus an organist. They were performing in Mirror Chapel, a couple blocks from our apartment.    Mirror Chapel was built in 1724 with marble walls and floors, artwork and mirrored ceiling.      We heard a nice selection from Mozart, Bach, Handel and Vivaldi.

There are concerts all over this city.    On any given evening you have your choice of several in just the Old Town area.    

We really enjoyed the Moser Glass Museum and Shop.        This item in the museum is one of their masterpieces, as the price reflects.     Yes, that is 1,207,000 Prague money.     I'll let you figure out the exchange rate, but it is definitely beyond my budget!

I loved this tea service.     I can see it being used at the home of all of the Le Jardiniste ladies!

The next two pieces are my favorites.     If I had a home I would have to create a special place for them.

Okay, I  seem to have forgotten which cathedral these pictures came from - sorry.

RJ is obviously hard at work - or else getting the scores from football games back home.

This is a restaurant a block from the apartment.    Their lasagne bologonaise was great (and better than my spelling)

Back to the St. Charles bridge.    If you rub your hand on this statue you will have good luck follow you.     We have certainly had good luck on this adventure.    No complaints whatsoever!

We had seen several sculptures around town that were "odd".    I can't remember the artist's name, but this one is one of the more controversial.      The hips swivel on these two gentleman so they aren't always watering the same spot.

The U.S. Embassy was along one of the back streets we took.   After two months, it was nice to see the U.S. flag.

One evening we were looking across the river and saw what appeared to be the Eiffel Tower lit in the distance.      We decided to check it out today.

Yes, they have a miniature one in the park.    Too many steps for me to do, but the view was supposed to be worth it.    Going up I could handle, but coming down could take a couple days!

A distant view from our hike down the hill from the park containing the Eiffel Tower (and lots of other things - sort of like Central Park for the people of Prague)

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  1. It looks like you are feeling better now. What little camera are you using? I would like to get one for a back up and when in social settings and I don't want to haul around the big one.