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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I was so excited a few days ago to see the Piazza being set up for Christmas Market.     I knew it wouldn't open before we left, but it gave me hope to find one before we leave Europe.

Imagine my surprise today to see the booths all up and open.    I made RJ promise we could visit it after lunch  -  food takes preference in Bologna !

I arrived full of anticipation, only to realize it wasn't the Christmas Market.    Oh well, I announced we would still walk through the over 200 booths since we were there.     Friends, this was a Chocolate Expo.    Almost every booth was giving samples and all were selling chocolate in one form of another.      In addition to sampling a lot, we made a couple purchases for our daily fix.    

The pictures aren't the greatest, it's hard to think about good shots when you are drooling......

This is a poster at one of the booths.    I wouldn't normally post a picture of a child, but since this was a commercial poster, I feel it is okay.    

How did this clown get in here?

Chocolate liquers

Chocolate crepes

One of my purchases....

Shoes and Chocolate, can it get any better?

Time to sample my Chocolate with Pistachios.....