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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Natural Bridges Monument

The Natural Bridges Monument, near Blanding Utah, is a beautiful drive.    There are three of these bridges to view.    One neat aspect of these is that they represent all three stages of their "lives".   (Youth, Maturity and Old Age)    Their age is determined by the erosion of the top of the bridge.

Do you know the difference between a natural bridge and a natural arch?     The answer is at the end of the blog.

Kachina Bridge is in it's youth.      The top of the bridge is still very thick.

Sipapu Bridge represents maturity.  

Owachomo Bridge is at the old age phase.      The thinning center could have a fatal crack which would cause it to break, or it could continue on for centuries.

This rock was also formed by nature.    Look carefully at the center area between the crevices.    The rock looks like a curled ribbon.    As you can tell from the trees. this is a very large piece of curled rock.     Interesting.....

This tree caught my attention in the park.       The branches really stand out against the stormy sky.

Did you know the difference between a natural bridge and an arch?     Natural bridges are formed by the erosive action of moving water.    Arches are formed by other erosional forces, mainly frost action and seeping moisture.

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  1. The arches are lovely, but that tree with the background is simply stunning.
    Now I wish I was going west again later this year, but we always enjoy where ever we are.