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Monday, May 25, 2015

Prince Rupert

Today we explored Prince Rupert.    Found a great place for lunch, Dolly's Fish Market.    We split a bowl of clam chowder and a smoked salmon panini.     Good choice!

We are scheduled to catch our ferry to Juneau at 10 am tomorrow.     Guess what, we find out today that for some reason it has been changed until 5:30 pm.    Thank goodness our hotel advised us (they received an e-mail)     We received no notification!      We drove over to the ferry terminal and they confirmed the change.     At least we picked up our tickets, got our car measured,  did our forms necessary with INS and picked up our luggage tags for those items we will take off the car to our stateroom.    They still want us to check in 4 hours before departure.     That's going to be a boring, do nothing 4 hours, but what are you going to do?

Our next agenda item was a hike.     We decided on the Butze Rapids overlook.      This is a great hike to a spot in the river where the incoming tide will push back the river water resulting in reversing the rapids.      We were not there at an optimal time, but it was a great hike   (okay, a couple hills more than I like, but it gave us quite a workout)

To me, the highlight of the hike was the incredible walk through the rain forest.     I hope you like my favorite shots..............

These white flowers grew everywhere, including up tree trunks.

Does anyone know what this plant is?     The leaves were 18-20 inches in length and they grew prolifically in this area.

Same plant, see all the things like what you get with a Jack in the Pulpit.    Any ideas what this is?

The first few plants I saw of this species, I thought the bud was a flower, but later I saw that they were more leaves bursting from the bud.

This is the river and rapids where the reverse tide happens.    A lovely area.

For dinner RJ found a pub with an incredible view of a marina and the harbour.    (I miss the features of my phone to photograph and send locations - we will enter Alaska tomorrow so I can again show you pix of my meals etc. after we get into Juneau.    Don't think I'll get much reception on the ferry)


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  2. Beautiful the rain forest. We visited the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park last year. It is mesmerizing. Wet...but mesmerizing.