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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Smithers, BC

Our final stop of the day is Smithers, BC.     We went hiking to Twin Falls after finding a hotel.     It was a short but steep hike and well worth it.       We did meet our new close friends:   mosquitos and zillions of gnats.        They didn't want to leave our side.      Long sleeves are apparently going to be an important part of my wardrobe.

My first venture into avalanche territory.      There were no warnings out today, so I felt pretty safe.

This second waterfall is below part of the glacier area.    The sounds from these two waterfalls plus the rushing stream was incredible.

RJ thought we should hike this path, but (surprise surprise) I wanted to go on the trail to Twin Falls.

An earlier sign also had bear on it, but there wasn't any place to stop and get the shot.   Unfortunately, we didn't see any wildlife today.    

These beautiful mountains are on two sides of Smithers.    This photo was taken quite a ways outside town.  

It is now 10:11 pm and finally it is getting dark.    


  1. I hope you are taking protection on your hikes like (guns)...from bears, moose, and anything that can run faster than you!

  2. Mary Ann, I can't outrun anyone or anything. Talk loudly and scare then before they scare you!

  3. Great waterfalls and lovely views. You only have to outrun Bob...just be sure to give him a shove before you start sprinting away.