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Friday, May 22, 2015

Heading North

According to RJ, we are now starting our adventure since we are heading north rather than west.     Ok ............

We were one of the first cars to be loaded on the ferry leaving Victoria, so I was able to get on deck and catch a picture of the other cars being loaded.

We drove for a few hours to our destination for the night, Hope, BC.     Not the most exciting town in the Province, but the room was clean and the Greek food next door was pretty good.

Our goal today is to drive to Prince George (or somewhere in that vicinity)     We start out the drive along the Fraser River (much like the Mississippi in length and girth).     Unfortunately, they apparently don't believe in making it a scenic route because we rarely saw the river and never when there was a pull out.     Scenic pull outs were also unheard of.    This is unfortunate because the literature says this is a beautiful area and great white water rafting.    

Most of the drive was like this,  lush forest areas and low mountains with glimpses of the taller snow covered peaks.

However, there was a half hour stretch of more desert like climate.     Remember, this is spring, so it is somewhat green, but there was sagebrush, etc.    

We decided to stop before Prince George in a lovely community called Quesnel, BC.    The Fraser and Quesnel Rivers meet here and continue on as the Fraser.    

In the past this was a trapping community, then part of the gold rush and is currently heavy into the lumber industry with several mills, etc. here.     This is part of an old gold mine operation.

There is a lovely river front walk.     It was nice to stretch our legs and read about their history.     This foot bridge is the longest wooden truss walking bridge in the world.    It was built in 1929 and has carried horse and buggy as well as some early cars.     Today, it carries foot traffic and bicyclists.

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  1. Great photos to tell the story. Sometimes can you tell how many miles (km) you do in a day. Caliate, NV was suppose to have an earthquake today and Brianhead, UT just reported in with 4 to 6 inches of snow by Reen.