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Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Day of Eating

We had read about a breakfast spot in Boulder City and decided it would be a good start to the day.      Guy Fieri  from Diners, Drive Ins & Dives liked this place and the food editor of the Las Vegas paper loved it, so off we went to experience their specialty,  Pork Chili Verde Omelet.

The Coffee Cup Café décor starts before you get to the front door.    Definitely eclectic in this town full of antique shops.    


The interior leaned more towards water skiing.     The ceiling had dozens of old skis hanging.     There were also the popular license plates from everywhere on the walls.   (how do they keep all this stuff dusted?)      Now, on to the food.   


 This is definitely big enough for two (which we will do next time).    Yes, there will be a next time.     I’m not sure it lives up to the hype, but it was delicious.     The pork was in bite size pieces and very tender, much like a pulled pork.     Seasoning was spot on.

A twenty minute drive later, we are in Henderson.      Today was my first real gambling time since we arrived.     Okay, I was pretty rusty (translation: I lost).    The goal, however, was to spend several hours here so that we could have dinner at my favorite restaurant in Henderson, The Tides.      


Their Seafood Etouffee is something I long for the other nine months of the year.     Fortunately, RJ also loves it and we are able to split an order.     Yes, the picture above is just half of the order.     They are happy to split it for you at no extra plating charge.      I prefer sitting at the counter so that I can watch them shucking oysters and preparing the meals in the center kitchen.      A wonderful ending to a delicious food day!


Friday, January 23, 2015

Journey to Las Vegas

Our drive to Las Vegas was driven by weather.      Our original plan was to go through Denver and the beautiful mountain route.     However, that did not seem advisable weather wise.       The forecast was much more favorable going the northern route,  so off we went.    As a side note, the southern route was good also, but a few hours longer and we were definitely ready to get to the condo.     It seems like “home” to us with our new lifestyle.   

Although we saw some snow (not much), we also didn’t have the true mountain terrain.      Plus, we had never driven this route.      Translation:   Adventure (albeit a pretty calm one)


We arrived at the condo with no problems and Pat was there to welcome us.      The past two years the condo has seemed nice, but small.     This year it seems larger (probably because we are comparing it to hotel rooms vs our old home)

I have to apologize for not posting often,  but  I want to share with our family and friends the places we visit and our adventures there.     Despite our new “homefree” lifestyle, we still have downtime for laundry, reading and gambling.     
Results will not be posted  here unless they are spectacular!!!


Monday, January 12, 2015

On The Road Again

Our time in Onalaska (and the frigid temps) is over.        We have had a great time visiting with our son and, of course, many of our friends.      I even got a tour of our old house to see all the changes they have made to make it their own.       I have to admit, the thing I recently missed the most is the garage - it's no fun packing the car in single digit temps and in a parking lot covered with snow.     RJ has been taking it in stride, though.

To our friends and family in Onalaska, La Crosse, Arkansas, North Carolina, Iowa, northern Wisconsin and St Paul, I am so glad we were able to spend time with you.      To those in Ann Arbor and Madison,  I promise we will see you on our next visit!

It looks like snow around Denver, so we are leaving our options open as we start out this morning.     Perhaps the Salt Lake City route or the longer southern trip.      If we arrive in 70 degree Las Vegas on Thursday instead of Wednesday, so be it.     Flexibility is key in our lifestyle.