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Friday, January 23, 2015

Journey to Las Vegas

Our drive to Las Vegas was driven by weather.      Our original plan was to go through Denver and the beautiful mountain route.     However, that did not seem advisable weather wise.       The forecast was much more favorable going the northern route,  so off we went.    As a side note, the southern route was good also, but a few hours longer and we were definitely ready to get to the condo.     It seems like “home” to us with our new lifestyle.   

Although we saw some snow (not much), we also didn’t have the true mountain terrain.      Plus, we had never driven this route.      Translation:   Adventure (albeit a pretty calm one)


We arrived at the condo with no problems and Pat was there to welcome us.      The past two years the condo has seemed nice, but small.     This year it seems larger (probably because we are comparing it to hotel rooms vs our old home)

I have to apologize for not posting often,  but  I want to share with our family and friends the places we visit and our adventures there.     Despite our new “homefree” lifestyle, we still have downtime for laundry, reading and gambling.     
Results will not be posted  here unless they are spectacular!!!



  1. See you soon. I will be at Mary Lou's late tonight. My plane arrives at 11:30ish. Want to go up to the hot tub with us tomorrow morning?! Looking forward to seeing you both. Hope our condo is finished. Gene and Reen will arrive Sunday if weather is good. They plan on driving 12 hour days!

  2. Good to see you made it safely and with no (bad) adventures...that's my favorite kind of trip. It's funny how your perspective changes with each adventure. I can't imagine how it might feel to have a small apartment or condo when we finally hang up the keys to the RV, not that that will be anytime soon I hope.