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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Homeowners Again .........................

Our new home - or it will be after our closing on November 21st.     It's a newly built home in a very new neighborhood.   We will be putting up with construction for a few months, but it is amazing how quickly they will completely build out an area.

It is an open floor plan with plenty of room for guests  (3 bedrooms 3 baths).     We are going to be very busy buying furniture!

Our screened lanai was a major selling feature.      You know how we love sitting outdoors for happy hour!      This lanai is 48 feet long and about 21 feet wide in the center section. Plenty of room to sit back and enjoy life!

The true selling point, however, is this view.     Sorry I don't have a better picture (yet) of the area to the left.      The Sharon Rose Wiechens Preserve is 624 acres, which includes a Gopher Tortoise Preserve.  We also get this view from all rooms in the house except the two guest rooms  (sorry)

We can't wait to start having visitors!