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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Washington State

We spent the day driving across the State of Washington.     What a variety of terrains!

Just west of Spokane, I saw a sign that said "for the next 14 miles, field crops will be identified by signs on the interstate fences".      I don't know about you, but when we have been on the road for a while, we make a game of guessing the crop.     We never know if we are correct or not.       Suffice it to say we had been pretty much wrong for our guesses earlier in the day.    The crops we saw were:   peas, beans, potatoes (lots of these), field corn, alfalfa, timothy and wheat.

Our next stop was an overlook of the Columbia River.    Quite similar to our Mississippi.

We picked a location for our overnight  stay and I got on the I-pad to find us a hotel - the closest I could find was 22 miles away.     Apparently West Coast Seaside towns are busy on a Saturday night - imagine that!     The new location had no vacancies when we arrived but the owner said she had a unit available if we didn't need AC.     It's in the mid 60's today - don't think that is an issue.     We ended up with an average (but clean) room, but it has a private patio with nice deck furniture and opens onto the grassy, pool area with lots and lots of beautiful blooming plants.    I told her this room was acceptable!

For dinner we drove to the nearest coastal town, LaConner.       They have a nice boardwalk, shops and restaurants.       These pictures are from the boardwalk.

We had an incredible dinner in the LaConner Brewing Company.      Mediterranean hummus platter and a wonderful wood fired coconut chipotle cream clam plate.      Yum!

A very nice travel day.     Tomorrow we enter Canada.    

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