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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Driving to Prince Rupert

Our drive today was beautiful.     The clouds persisted, but the snow capped mountains peaked out often enough to keep me in awe of the beauty.

The First Nation Tribe of this area used this narrow opening to trap trout to smoke for the winter months.    

RJ amuses himself while I am shooting by catching up on the local history of the area.    As I stated yesterday, this area is not really set up for tourism, at least not to the extent we are used to in the U.S. They do have informative posts like this, but the pull outs aren't marked and it's pure luck to slow down in time to pull off.    

The Milepost 2015 helps a lot, as long as I am paying attention to where we are.    There are no mile markers on the road, the Milepost gives you distance to the last "major" town and the next "major" town.    You get to figure out where you are based on this information.        I have my trusty packet of post-its to mark where we are when I do figure it out.

Yesterday we followed a four car funeral procession for 40 minutes.    Finally there was a passing lane so we could respectfully pass the procession.     Less than 10 minutes later we stopped to I could take a picture and, yes, they passed  us.     Oh well, it just meant that we could stop as often as we wanted since passing lanes were infrequent in this area.     The total time we followed them (at half the speed limit) was over two hours!      It's really nice to travel at a leisurely pace and not let events like this upset your day.

Tomorrow we have a "free" day to explore Prince Rupert.


  1. I think BC is the loveliest of all the provinces. Nice to see you going slow and savoring it.

  2. Gorgeous scenery. It makes you wonder if the funeral processional was given the deceased one more chance to enjoy the scenery too...