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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Victoria - Our Final Day

Victoria has great scenic beauty and is the mildest location in Canada.    It rarely freezes, and if it does, the thaw comes quickly.   They get about 24 inches of rain a year, the least rainfall of any place on Canada's west coast.    Summers rarely get above 82 degrees F.    Many retirees call this island home - it's easy to see why.

This view is by our hotel.  There are many hotels and restaurants in the area so we didn't have to use our car except for our explorations during the day.

Today we took several scenic drives, while doing short hikes periodically.    RJ spotted this baby sea lion.    Sorry, I didn't have a big lens with me - I'm guessing I will get some good animal pictures the next two plus months.

These adirondeck chairs have been here for quite some time.    I read about them in some of the literature and was surprised when we came upon them while doing some walking along the coast.

Back in the downtown harbor, we found this area of homes on the water.    Reminds me a bit of the Black River, just more colorful!

These little H2O taxis were everywhere.  

A friend told me to check out a specific spot in Alaska to see all the seaplanes coming in and landing.   While I may still go to that spot, I have definitely seen plenty of them here and in Vancouver.

Tomorrow we catch the ferry back to Vancouver to continue our adventure.

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  1. I think I'm going to have to make of list of photos NOT to enter next year in have way to many good ones! I wish my health would let us follow in your footsteps. Not sure even about LV next year.