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Friday, May 15, 2015

Coeur d'Alene

After three days of driving, we are well on our way to Alaska.      We have traveled much of this route before, so didn't take much time for photos or adventures.     We've been to the Badlands, Sturgis, Billings, and Bozeman.  

Today we arrived in Coeur d'Alene, ID.      What a charming town.     This is definitely a resort town. The lake is beautiful (my pictures are very poor, sorry about that) and the town is full of upscale shops, pubs and restaurants.

I can only imagine how busy this lake and the beach is during the warmer months.     Don't get me wrong, it was 70 something and mostly sunny.   I assumed the water would be very cold this time of year, but there were young children playing in the water, so apparently not.


We arrived without a reservation  (this is to be the norm for most of this adventure).     We chose to go to a more reasonable "Mom and Pop" motel close to the lake.     We were given the choice of Americana or Victorian.      (every room is a speciality design).     "I'm sure you can see which I chose."    The bonus is that we have a "magic fingers" bed.      Oh my, should we try it?      I'm guessing NOT!

RJ and I took a walk along the beach front away from the shops, etc. past a lovely park.     These blossoms were beautiful and the tree was huge (as you will see in the next picture)

See the two middle trees with white amongst the leaves.     They are covered in these blossoms.     They have to be at least 40 feet tall.

We continued on past some beautiful waterfront homes.     I'd be happy to live in any of them!      This tree caught my attention.   We checked  it out pretty closely and it appears to be just one tree with two different colored blossoms.     I wonder if they planted two young trees very closely and they grew together.    Whatever, it was very striking.

I did take a couple pictures in the Badlands.    This was my favorite.    I've been through here several times before but don't remember these yellow rocks.

Tomorrow we are hoping to get just above Seattle.     Hopefully I will have some pictures to share.

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  1. I've heard this is supposedly one of the prettiest areas to be found.....looks like it might be true.