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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend near Page AZ is an iconic photographic site.      It's a bit of a hike to reach the edge of the overhang, but you get to see an incredible view of this picturesque curve of the Colorado River.    

What you don't know when you see this photograph is that the person with the camera was ignoring advice to not get too close to the edge as it has been known to break off.     It is impossible to get a full view of the Horseshoe without ignoring Park Service advice.     (fortunately my kids are old enough to know that their Mother doesn't always listen to advice given and the Grandkids are too young to visit this site)

This view is from the trail site.    If you enlarge the picture  you will see people hiking to the overhang.    That dark hole in the middle is where future pictures are taken.

Standing back, at what I perceive as a safe distance, this is the shot you get.    The Colorado looks beautiful, but I know I can do better.......

As a calming factor, I looked for a live beautiful flower before risking life and limb for a "perfect" picture of the Bend.

Okay, I am closer, but...........

Yes, a pretty good shot, but not iconic.      It's not a continuous river of water.

 I did it.     Yes, I was laying on my tummy, much too close to the edge.     I extended my arms (with camera in hand) and hit the button a few times.

Wish we had gotten a picture of me leaning over the edge and RJ holding onto my legs (in case the edge broke off)       That would have been the picture that blogs are made of!!!

Please enjoy this iconic picture of Horseshoe Bend.     If you look closely you can see campers on the sand bars.    One of my pictures shows three boats on the river, but that is being saved for competition.   You can see a couple boats in the earlier picture.

Hope you enjoyed my efforts to bring you this iconic picture.


  1. You only live once. Thanks for risking life and limb for this phenomenal shot. At least I can swear I have no idea how to reach you should the authorities ask.

  2. Great time use your mono-pod and your auto timing to hold out over the edge! Let me know when you are going to enter's a WINNER!