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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lake Powell

Although the water levels are low, Lake Powell is still a beautiful area.    In 1974 RJ and I took a white water raft trip down the Colorado thru the Grand Canyon.    It was definitely a trip of a lifetime.   We had always hoped to take the boys on this trip, but it never seemed to work out.   I remember sleeping on a cot under the stars, shaking out my shoes in the morning to eradicate any tarantula's or other creepy crawlies that found a new home.     We couldn't use soap in the tributaries, but the river was so cold we would have to shake our wash cloth to warm it enough to wash our faces.

We became friends of a family from Boone NC, but I lost the book with their name and address.     We have been to Boone a couple of times and always think of them.

One day we had a water fight with the other boloney boats using the large food cans from previous nights.    It was a great way to cool off.     Unfortunately, RJ was trying to aid in the cooling process by dumping a can of water over my head and it slipped, hitting me.    Ouch!

One lady's foot slipped between the slats and broke her ankle.    This was pre-cell phones.    She had to endure the pain overnight.    Once a day a helicopter would fly over so we made a large X in the sand with our life jackets signaling them to send help.

Our pilots/navigators had been in the stage play Fiddler on the Roof in Provo the previous winter.    We were entertained nightly with their beautiful voices.    What a treat!

Despite all the wonderful travels we have had since that trip, it remains at (or close to) the top of the list for me.

Many years ago, RJ worked at Skipperliner and we visited this area when they delivered a boat to Lake Powell for tours.

Emma, Kayla and Ethan, this is for you.      These are real dinosaur tracks.    Wish you could have been with us to see them.

This bridge and dam are a lot like the ones at Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

What a beautiful area.    

On to Page and the treasures they have to offer.

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  1. You are passing through some of my favorite country. I'm looking forward to our next trip west when we'll hit my favorite parks in Utah and AZ again. But first we have to visit Florida. I think eventually we'll just keep going west, but for now we're still doing the east - west thing.