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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Valley of Fire - Revisited

Valley of Fire State Park is always a fun day trip.       Hope you enjoy some of my shots.....

"The Piano" is  an iconic photo spot while taking the scenic (gravel) drive.

My favorite hike is from Parking Area 3 to the Fire Wave.   I love the red and white stripes that swirl this area.    Yes, I went down this stone face to the area below - I wouldn't want to do this if the rocks were wet!     A later photo will show me sitting on the rock on the left.

This is a natural slide that reminds me of a waterpark.     I would have loved to shoot this from a different angle, but again chose safety over the shot.    Sorry.....

I may never get to visit The Wave in Coyote Buttes, but I am told this is a good substitute.

There are many petroglyphs in the park, especially on the White Domes trail.    We didn't do that one today, but this was on the way to Mouse's Tank.

Mouse’s Tank is named for a Southern Paiute Indian renegade (“Little Mouse”) who used Valley of Fire as a hideout in the 1890’s after he was accused of killing two prospectors and other crimes in the area.  

There aren't as many flowers here as other areas we have visited, but this cactus sure has a lot of buds

This rock intrigued me.    It looks like four animals were immortalized here.    I see a cat on the right, a lizard at the top.    Don't know about the guy in the middle.    Looks like it has a "Marge" hairdo, though.    The bottom left looks a little like a lamb (but since it's Easter, I may be seeing things)

A typical view in Valley of Fire State Park


  1. Nice shots of one of my favorite places. We point our nose northward today and begin our trek (slowly) to the Midwest.

  2. It does look out of this world. Amazing formations and striations. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. We haven't gone out there yet this year but hope to after coming back from Phoenix. Enjoyed our short visit yesterday.