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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vibrant Prague

Prague, Friday

What a fun day.    We took off exploring with no particular goal in mind.   We just want to get to know our neighborhood.   There are probably 50 restaurants/pubs within a 2 block radius of our apartment.    We are just a half dozen very short twisty blocks from Old Town Square.

What an intriguing place.   Beautiful buildings, numerous street acts and lots of restaurants, it is fantastic.

She looks like she is hiding from the paparazzi

Many of the buildings have art work on the facade.  

The street vendors have intriguing food options, including this bread baked over charcoal.   It's a great breakfast treat.     You get it warm and coated with sugar.

Ham is a popular item, both as street food and in restaurants.

We haven't tried the fresh potato chips yet, but I'm sure we will.

The man who designed and built this beautiful clock in 1410 went blind shortly thereafter, so it is indeed, one of a kind.    I will try to get here again on the hour to see the "show". 

Several tribesmen sing and perform a native dance.    I wasn't able to understand their heritage, but they were exciting to watch.    Very colorful costumes and energetic dances.     I'm not sure how they could make such beautiful music while dancing, but they did.

In the busier areas, litter is vacuumed away.

The first of many street musicians.   Wash boards are frequent additions to these groups.

Ron, this one is for you.

More beautiful buildings.

We have lunch at a pub a half block from our apartment and return to the Old Town square and can't resist ordering a sausage to share.

We skip dinner as we have no appetite, but later share a starter plate of local ham, pate, pickles, etc.   We end up sharing a table with a couple from Budapest.    He owns a software company and offered to show us around his city when/if our travels get us there.    (Pat and Sue, ready for another River trip?)      We exchange e-mails and hopefully will keep in touch.    Their long term goal is to sail around the world.     I hope they accomplish it.

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  1. Prague is such a lovely city and you are capturing all the highlights well. The clock performance is pretty impressive, so do try to catch that if possible. I think the best part of travel is meeting people from other places and getting to know each other, which you seem to be doing well. That vacuum cleaner is great fun and so cute.