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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Adventurous Lunch

We are leaving Glasgow for Fort Williams – There was heavy rain earlier in the morning, but we just had light rain now and then.

We stopped for lunch at a place called The Drovers Inn just north of Loch Lomond.     This is an authentic 18th century stone inn.     The wait staff wear kilts.    The place is full of stuffed animals (not the carnival kind!)   and is so full of old world charm.     There’s nothing elegant about this place, but it is definitely a popular place.      At one point the fire alarm went off, followed by the electricity.    Fortunately there were candles on the tables.    The staff remained calm, opened the windows and told the guests which food orders could no longer be filled – fortunately we already had our food.

Behind the Inn there is a spectacular waterfalls   You can see from the photos how far away they were, but the sound was great anyway.    I have a feeling they fall a lot farther behind the greenery than we can see.       There is no sign about the falls, no marker.    Our waiter said “oh yea, that’s Banglash Falls” as if it were nothing.    (The name of the falls is an interpretation of what I heard, the accent was pretty strong)

The zoom limits of my little camera:

It was incredible how many waterfalls and/or just rivers of water we saw coming down the mountains.    I’m talking several per mile.     What a beautiful area.

I love Scotland more every day !


  1. Scotland looks lovely. Your experience explains the sign I recently saw that said "Keep Calm and Eat On"

  2. Sounds like you're falling in love.