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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Street Art to Opulence

We made it to Glasgow and have spent the afternoon walking thru this beautiful city.       The architecture is incredible.

I found this parking lot with wonderful street art.

This clothing shop was floor to ceiling antique sewing machines on three of it’s four walls.     I thought it was a very clever way of being just a bit different…

A little street music.     This group was quite lively.

This one is for the guys…

Most of the taxis in the city were like these.

We went into the City Council building.     Part of the main floor is open to the public.    Such opulence.     Quite similar to the Shrine in La Crosse…..

We were pleasantly surprised by the architecture in the city centre.     It was a great blend of old and new.

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  1. Another beautiful place to visit. I love the murals on the walls - these always fascinate me where ever we travel.