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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Our time in Amsterdam was short (with a full day of rain) so I will give you some insight into the city, from my perspective.
Bikes Rule !     Seriously !    Our driver from the ship said that in India the cow is sacred, in Amsterdam it is the bike.       Streets go like this (from the center outward)    Tram line (or bus), car lane, bike lane and the bike parking area.     The end.     Pedestrians are at the bottom of the totem pole, we get to walk around all the parked bikes.      (and there are thousands)      By the way, bikes include:    pedal power bikes, electric scooters, motorcycles, wheelchairs, skateboards.     Heaven forbid you should get into their lane.    The driver also told us that if a car hits a biker, even if it is 100% the bikers fault, the car driver is automatically assumed to be at least 50% at fault.        Bear in mind, these bikers pedal fast, know they have the right of way everywhere, and can also be texting while they drive.     Yikes!!!     I have to admit, though, even on the rainy day, they rode their bikes, umbrella in one hand and the other steering.     It is a way of life here.
The other big observations I made is that I would hate to live here in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s.     The women here are beautiful.      They are very tall, willowy and long flowing blond hair.     I thought maybe there was a fashion show in town and the models were checking out the city (maybe there was?)    

The men, however, well check it out for yourself…………..

Do you think she was watching the guy?

This canal was along side our apartment.

This sign was at a busy, downtown intersection.      I have no idea what product they are advertising.

Our next area to visit was the Red Light District, but first the other draw to this area....

I refuse to photograph the women who are working, but will show you an empty window (sorry guys)

My biggest impression of this area was the visitors.    So many people came as families.    How do you explain this side of life to an 8-16 year old?      There were definitely plenty of windows that were occupied - I don't understand.

Today we visited the Resistance Museum.       The theme is “Adjust, Collaborate, Resist” which resonates throughout the museum.    Not everyone was able or willing to help resist the Nazi occupations and this museum shows what choices real people had to make depending on their circumstances.     The information is presented in an unflinching and honest manner.     It makes you put yourself in the position that was faced at the time.    Do you protect your family or risk all.        The choices are all presented in a non-judgmental way that leaves you to make up your own mind.    A moving experience and one that makes you think, long afterwards.
Lastly, a couple of sunset pictures from the voyage to Amsterdam.

An overnight stay in Berlin and we will arrive in Prague.........


  1. Amsterdam is such a lovely city, but I don't recall seeing any men that looked like THAT. Your decision not to photo the working girls was probably a good one. It makes me feel sad to see them. Most seem to have had so much cosmetic surgery and body augmentation that they appear to be cartoonish...kind of like a real blow up doll.

  2. What no flowers? It is definitely a bike city.