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Thursday, October 16, 2014


The past two days we have been exploring the area around Inverness.      We are staying at a wonderful B&B recommended by our good friends, Don and Kathy.    It’s an elegant older home, beautifully maintained and the couple who run it are delightful.    ( )
Inverness is a lovely city with a river flowing through it.    Lots of good restaurants to choose from.    Needless to say, we are eating well, especially the scallops at The River House.

As in most European cities, the main shopping district is downtown.     At one end of this shopping area is a large enclosed mall.    They have found a way to integrate the two.

This shop sells every kind of American junk food that you can imagine - except Snapple or Arnold Palmer 50/50.      Iced tea is totally unheard of in places we have been so far.    Do I miss it -- YES

The castle overlooking the river

The homes overlooking the river were beautiful

Tomorrow --  Did I see the Loch Ness Monster.....

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