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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fairy Glen

The sun periodically broke through today – what a glorious sight !
The highlight of our exploration today was finding the turnoff to Sheader and Balnaknock.    We backtracked a couple times before finding it – the  road to the magical Fairy Glen.
Fairy Glen is a strange and enchanting natural landscape of miniature conical hills, rocky towers, ruined cottages and a fine roadside lochan (tiny lake).     It’s a microclimate area about 2 / 3 of a mile long and very narrow.     It’s totally different from the surrounding areas or anywhere else we have seen on the island.     If we were in Ireland I would say that Leprechans live here, but obviously in Scotland it’s the land of Fairies….

 Am I the only one who can see Bucky in that rock?      Laurie, is that the look of victory?

Imagine the allure of this area before the ferns all turned brown.     

 This area just begs for a story - please send me a very brief story line that you see in these photos.

Tomorrow we leave the Isle of Skye.     If you ever have a chance to visit this beautiful island, you won’t be sorry you took the time to explore.

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  1. What a magical and enchanting place to visit. Now I want to see Scotland but am glad to be watching it "thru Marti's eyes".