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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Castle and Ocean Views

We are out exploring the areas to the East of Inverness.     There  is so much to see...

Brodie Castle  -   I wonder how many family fortunes were destroyed by the cost of building, furnishing and running these huge homes.      A few of them are still being used as a residence, but even then most of the castle is open to the public (for a fee).    Most of them have been turned over to a Trust to maintain.

Benromach Distllery.      They were filling barrels while we were at this small distillery.   They assured us it was okay for RJ to stick a finger into the barrel to get a taste - apparently alcohol is a disinfectant so it is okay.......

Local architecture.     The western Highlands all seemed to whitewash their homes and buildings.    Here on the eastern part they go with the more natural look.

What a smart idea - plastic gloves at the gas pump

My version of Cannon Beach

Apparently Bucky Badger is on my mind - thought of him today......       May be a back up career for the team this year since they are doing so poorly on the field !

This small community had a great beach island with a wonderful boardwalk going out to it.    Wish it was warmer so we could have enjoyed it more!

Tomorrow we move up higher into the Highlands - Eastern version

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  1. Your photos could have been from Cannon Beach - I never would have known the difference! I've thought of you often when we watched the ocean and the lighthouses. We're on similar trips....just a world apart.