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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Fine Art of Glass

We’ve left Killarney and are heading for Wexford.      We’re making it an all day trip, so have time to stop in Waterford to visit their museum and workshops.  

I was fascinated by the entire process of creating their beautiful pieces.   I’ve seen glass blowing before, but never the entire process.

The pieces are then sanded to eliminate any rough edges.

The next step is marking the piece for cutting.

The cutters go through a ten year training program before they can go on to make the exacting cuts needed for each piece.

Here are a few finished pieces

This final piece is one of only two 9/11 Memorials they made.    The picture does not do it justice.     It’s a very touching piece.

Typical of Irish roads and the GPS ability (or lack thereof) to get us from point A to point B, our journey was considerably longer than it should have been.     Oh well…….      We did find a small harbor town to walk through.     These boats in the harbor awaiting high tide caught my eye.

Time to lounge around in our lovely new apartment....


  1. The yellow boat photo is a winner! Are you entering LACC from afar? What talent these people must have who work at Waterford!

  2. Amazing glass work. I'm always "blown away" (pun intended) by creating glass with this almost seems magical.

  3. I love Wexford glass, and these photos are just wonderful. Although I've been quiet, I've really been enjoying your stories and photos. I'd love to live in a cottage on a sleepy lagoon too. Paradise. You have a wonderful day,