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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Signs and Sighs

This sign caused me to turn around and look again.     What do you think?

Torr Head is an overlook to the Sea and a lovely cove.     The drive is on the infamous Irish back roads which are barely wide enough for one car, but are a two way road.       Thank goodness there were already minor scratches on the car from the ever present shrubs lining the roads.

The best part of Torr Head, though, was learning that all those shrubs lining the roads (and in the fields where they are used instead of rocks as boundaries) are actually Fuschias.     Yes, the same plant we buy in the summer to put in a shady spot, although probably a different variety.     I couldn't get a good picture of the never ending blooming shrubs, but did take a close up to show you the flowers.

This is Dunseverick Castle, built up on a hill.      I definitely would have built it closer to this great beach which is right below it!

Ballintoy Harbour……….

I’ll close with a poster for an upcoming event – what an odd combination for a Festival.     Wish we had been able to stay and check it out….

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  1. Aren't those fuschia amazing! It's hard to picture those "dainty" little flowers that we know and love to have the ability to grow into something so large and formidable. I remember the sound of the brush scraping the car well, but you get used to it.
    I like the concept of salmon and whiskey in an arts and crafts show - it's gotta increase buying!