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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kinsale - A Favorite

We are off to Cork where RJ believes his great grandfather lived prior to emigrating to the U.S.      Unfortunately, the librarian was unable to provide much help.     Records for that time period just don’t exist.
The English Market is nearby, which I really wanted to visit.   What an exciting place.     I would shop here regularly if it was available.   A few things I just wouldn’t buy, but that just makes it more exciting.    

The pig’s head looked very freshly skinned!

Olive anyone ?

We (or rather RJ) drove south to the seaside port of Kinsale.       We both fell in love with this town.     It has full coastal charm with its shops and harbour and energy.     RJ said that if we had the suitcases in the car, we would change our plans and spend several days here.     I totally agree.    Kinsale is my favorite spot in all of Ireland!

Charles Fort was a very interesting place.     It was preserved just enough that you could actually visualize the soldiers living here in the 17th century (or in our old West)    It was an intregral part of Irish history as recently as the Irish Civil War in 1923.

 On the way back to Killarney and our apartment, we arrived at a sunset location at close to the magic time.       The clouds were great and the promise was there for a memory provoking photo.      We waited and waited.    The colours were just starting to get great when….. you have it …   the cloud formation changed and we lost it.    Here are the “I’m waiting” photos…..

and a few other miscellaneous photos.

 We met two great couples from Canada this evening.      We were listening to some local music and they asked to share our table.      This is one of my favorite parts of traveling.     Meeting people, whether locals or other travelers, makes the experience so much more fun.      I’ve never been one to ask strangers if we can join them, but I’m going to make an effort to do so.    

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  1. Okay, that first fish (I think it's a fish) is really creepy. I can't imagine fixing it for supper.