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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Dublin Apartment

We are settled into our apartment.     I was pleasantly surprised how nice this place is.     Very well decorated with a red leather sofa,  two side chairs, gas fireplace, full kitchen with stainless steel appliances, fantastic rain forest shower head   (this I really like) plus a queen size bed.     So far we have had only double beds or twins as our  options.      All light fixtures are a modern unique piece.     We also have a very small balcony off the living area with a table and two chairs.       I am set !!!

The kitchen is stocked with spices, coffee, tea, fresh fruit and granola bars.    Even a small blooming plant.     I am impressed !

I am having a bit of trouble with the washing machine.      Our hosts explained how it worked and left the users manual.     No problem.     Put in my first load, set the preferences and walla, it works.      And works.      And works.      It doesn’t finish for 13 hours.      It went thru the cycles 3 times.      Unfortunately, it stays locked shut until it totally finishes.     Those clothes are finally hung to dry and I start load two.      I’m extra careful and change a couple of the settings.      Wrong move – this one took  25 hours.       At least it gave the first load plenty of time to dry.       

I’m a little nervous about trying again, we only have five days left in Dublin…………………


  1. Beautiful apartment ....with the washer from hell. I can't imagine what you're doing wrong, but these experiences make the best blog fodder. As your departure time grows near you may want to do them by hand.

  2. True, especially since they will still need to air dry. No outdoor lines here.

  3. What wonder accommodations! Most hotels wouldn't be so lovely. I think you must have the cleanest clothes in the country! I am surprised they don't have a drying rack hiding somewhere...

  4. Maybe you set it right. How would you know. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

  5. I laughed so hard...which was what I needed about your laundry. We left on Sept 3rd for Montreal and Quebec City but started home after 3 days in Montreal. Ended the last 6 days in a hospital in MI with a blood clot from knee to groin and broke off into both lungs. I look like the purple people eater I am so bruised but so grateful to be alive and home. I think I will take the direct flight to LV this winter...can you blame me?!!!!