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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Touring London

RJ and I spent our day touring the Tower of London.     There is so much to see here, starting with the Crown Jewels.     So many beautiful jewels that, unfortunately, rarely get worn.     For those of you who have been here – top this:    No wait---we walked right in.     I love traveling after kids go back to school!

I loved the White Building with its collections from the Royal Armories.     I never thought I was interested in suits of armour and weaponry, but it was very interesting.    So much so that I didn’t pay attention to the fact that we kept going up stairs.    We got to the fourth floor and guess what, the only way down is a spiral staircase with no stopping points.     For most people this is no problem, but for someone who is as vertically challenged as I am when it comes to going down stairs, HELP!

Everyone behind me was very patient and I have to admit, I did quite good (for me)    RJ even commented later that he was amazed how well I did.     The key is one step at a time and never ever look down (or ahead)

 We decided to try the train system again – I just had to visit Harrod’s.        We got off a stop (or two) early and walked it – a lot of walking since we went the wrong way and had to backtrack.  We  eventually arrived at the fabled store.     Unfortunately I was too tired to walk the entire store (RJ said thank goodness)      We did make it to jewelry, shoes, handbags, women’s clothing, kids clothing, kids toys, housewares, electronics, modern furniture, food (yummy apple muffin) and Christmas, though.      For those of you planning your Christmas décor, they are showing (exclusively) white and gold with red accents.    If I had a home, etc. that would work perfectly for me!


  1. Long live the Queen. Oh yeah, that's another blog. Did you see any royalty yet?

  2. I am so glad you decided to take this tour - I don't think you can go to London and not see the Tower of London. If you do see the Queen...say hi for me. If you see Prince George....tell him hi from my Prince George.