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Monday, September 15, 2014

Should vs Want

We are traveling and enjoying it thoroughly, so why did that nasty word hang over us this morning.     We only have one week in Dublin, we should see everything we can.      However, what we really want to do is return to that charming seaside village of Howth.      The debate was short lived, we were only in Dublin for one week, what choice did we have but to listen to our heart – yes, we went back to Howth.

I tried to take different views of this charming port so as not to bore everyone.      There are so many options in such a small area.

Lunch, well, again we listened to our heart and went back to Crabby Jo’s.      We did check out the other posted menus, but we really wanted to try their clam chowder and crab cakes.      Both were superb.      The clam chowder was something I could eat every day.    It had actual clams (in the shell) in it, salmon and various other yummy items.     Served with a slice of brown bread and you have a meal .      The crab cakes were the icing on the cake.

 We had a pleasant chat with two couples from Western  Canada at the adjacent table.      They were nervous about driving in Ireland, so are doing tours, buses and trains versus our plan of RJ driving the next two weeks.     We all agreed there are pluses and minuses to both itineraries.     The important theme was that we were all retired, healthy, traveling and having a blast doing it!

Dinner was at a fun tapa and wine place called The Port House.     We snagged an outdoor table and relaxed – oh wait, we are always relaxed!        We got the Piquillo con Pollo (roasted piquillo pepper stuffed with chicken, basil and served with a creamy pepper sauce), Calamares Rabas a la Andaluz (strips of squid in seasoned flour served with lemon and alioli) and finally Escalivada  (pan fried mixed vegetables with honey and lemon dressing).     YUM………….


  1. I think we were dining with you in spirit today. We had clam chowder and a crab meat open faced sandwich while in Seattle. Good for you for listening to your heart and doing what you want to do and not what you "should" do. It's your adventure and that's all that matters. These will be your very fond memories of Dublin. It's easy to get burnt out from trying to pack in everything at once. Remember that little talk we had about it not being a "vacation"'s just the way you life right now.

  2. SO glad you went with your instinct and it 'served' you well especially with all that seafood!

  3. I've finally got caught up on your blog postings. I am just loving your photos and stories about the places you are visiting. You are right in not going with the flow but doing what your heart wants. It makes every day that much more special. Thank you for sharing your adventures, and have a great day.