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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Last Ring

The Ring of Dingle is more about the coastline than Heritage Sites.       It’s a beautiful 50 km drive that takes you all day because the camera keeps yelling “stop, take a picture”.       So, this post is pictures with very little in the way of narrative….

Why doesn't Festival Foods have a beautiful display like this?

The streets in Dingle were colorful

This place makes the best sea salt ice cream.     They claim it is all fresh local products, including sea salt from the Dingle bay, free range eggs, milk from the near extinct Kerry cow, etc.

Want a hat like Princess Kate, they make them here

This is a Beehive Hut.    It is made of stone and were used by free farmers of the early Christian period.    The small size of the sites suggests they were occupied by a single family.    They would have been inhabited from ancient times to 1200 A.D.

Granted, I am not a fisherperson, but you have to admit that boat captain had better know what they are doing !      We saw the fishing lines (thru binoculars) so it may have been a fishing charter.

I am always held captive by the sight and sound of waves hitting the rocks on the coastline.    Hopefully we can find a cottage somewhere in the U.S. to rent where I can experience that joy 24/7.    I wonder how many days I can sit there without allowing the world to break in?     Can't wait to find out.......


  1. Beautiful area, lovely photos, but now I have the old "one ringie ding, two ringie ding..." going through my head.