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Monday, June 22, 2015

Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary

This private sanctuary is located on the grounds of the resort in Fairbanks where we are spending a few days.       This beautiful area was created just 7 years ago from an old quarry.     It is now alive with wildlife, primarily birds in its 75 acres.

There is a walking trail through the woods to Wander Lake and the trails continue around the lake.

Wander Lake was once a deep, steep sided gravel pit which offered no respite for the migrating birds. In 2008 the resort management company proceeded to began enhancing the pit and surrounding area to provide habitat for a wider diversity of wildlife.     They excavated 5 acres of new shallows, created islands and peninsulas, introduced aquatic plants, planted willows and native grass on the banks and began eradicating invasive weeks.    They also transplanted non-game fish into the lake to provide food.

The Fountainhead Development Corp. impressed me with this effort.     There is no charge to enjoy this area.     (and it was right at the resort so we went out there every day)

There is even a photographers blind for taking photos of the local birds.

These Red-Necked Grebes had a nest out on the pond.      They had beautiful coloring.

The parents switched places.      I don't know which is Mom vs Dad.       Can you see the eggs in the nest?

There was already one egg that had hatched and that baby would swim for a little bit then crawl back up and be secured under the sitting parent's wing.

This Mew Gull had her nest here, also.

Her nest is at waters edge.

We are ready to leave Fairbanks and head back into Canada.

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  1. Isn't it amazing the beauty that can come out of something so ugly?
    Love the photo blind complete with chairs and everything - sweet.