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Monday, June 29, 2015


We have arrived in the Canadian Rockies.       They are definitely beautiful.    

Our first spot today is Patricia Lake.      I love the snow capped mountains in the distance, blue skies and fluffy clouds.       The water in each lake we visited was a slightly different color.

Pyramid Lake's trail let us to a small island where we could view the lake from the other side.  

On one of our hikes we saw these young people having a wonderful outing.     Yes, they are jumping off cliffs into the lake below.      They were having a blast.

This guy changed his mind a couple times while we watched, but finally made the leap.

We also visited an  incredible spot - Athabasca Falls.

I am labeling this next picture  -- "IDIOTS"       The water is so cold that you lose the ability to move in a couple minutes.     They are probably 25 feet from the falls and no one has survived going over.

This is the falls a few feet from the people above.    

Further down stream the turbulence continues.

The rainbow was beautiful on this bright sunny day.

We attempted to hike the Valley of the Five Lakes Trail, but could not complete it.     Yes, our legs gave out  (plus it was 90 degrees, sunny, mostly uphill and we forgot to grab water)    Besides all that, it wasn't that pretty, although who knows what those lakes would have looked like.  

The drive back to our hotel let us see this beautiful caribou.

Tomorrow, more pictures from our time around Jasper.

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  1. I can't believe those girls were out on the rocks like that. Wonder where the parents were.