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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The Homer area is beautiful.      A large ice field supplying several glaciers, snow capped mountains, the sea, restaurants, etc.

This is part of the ice field.     We were on a drive across the bay, but I used the big lens to zoom in on this.     I love the effect.

A hike was next, but we turned back after reading this sign.     The Park Service had also posted a formal sign saying the trail was closed because of bear activity.     I may want pictures, but not badly enough to ignore warnings!

We did take a different walk in the slough.    I have no idea what this beautiful bird's name is, but he was doing a solo feeding venture.

I know this next picture is the worst one I will ever post, but what a thrill to see your first salmon making the run upstream.    He was jumping pretty aggressively.     They are just beginning their run, so we didn't get many sightings.

We found a Russian Orthodox Church in an old village.    The style is quite different from other buildings we have seen.      Most of the gravesites have white picket fences around them.

Tractors are used to taking fishing boats out (and bring them back in) when the tide is low.    I wish we could have seen it in action.

This view is everywhere around Homer.   We enjoyed a similar view the past two evenings for dinner.      

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  1. The bird looks like a crane of some sort. I wouldn't take the trail with that kind of warning either...yikes.