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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Leaving Alaska

It was time to leave Fairbanks and start working our way back to Canada.      Our first stop out of town was a "must stop" on my list.

Yes, we had to visit Santa.     

Being a Christmas loving Grandma, I had to get Santa to mail a letter to the Grandkids telling them to keep up the work at being so good.     Rather than buy them silly souvenirs, we purchased a square inch of land at the North Pole and mailed the deed to them.    Chad, watch the mail for an official looking letter from the North Pole, AK.

This is a suspension bridge built to carry the Aleyska Pipeline over the Tanana River.    The power of this river and the movement of the silt would have been too destructive to the pipeline to bury it.

We saw this moose from the road.

It was obviously lunch time for her young one.

We are on our way to Beaver Creek, YT.    

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  1. So glad you got to visit the North Pole. I love the concept of owning a piece of land there, with deeds and everything...the kids should love it.