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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Animals of Denali

Everyone visiting Alaska hopes to see a Grizzly along the road - I am so thrilled to see another one on this part of our trip.

We saw a lot of wildlife on our bus trip in Denali.         This caribou was cooling himself on this snow patch.

This wildlife speciman was Jeremy, our bus driver/tour guide.      When we arrived at our furthest location, Wonder Lake, he disappeared and then reappeared as a fisherman.     He had given us 30 minutes until we boarded the bus to return and he made the most of his down time.    Unfortunately, he did not catch a fish..................

A different caribou with a large rack

This fox was walking along the edge of the road.     He totally ignored our bus.

We saw many animals that I wasn't fast enough to photograph, such as a quail with three little ones and several native birds.

You should have heard some of the outdoorsy men shout out when they spotted this wolf.      He is wearing a radar collar for tracking purposes.      According to these "experts" on board, he had eaten very recently.

This was a good size group of Dall Sheep.     I had forgotten to charge the battery on the camera attached to my bigger lens, so this was the best I could do.

Tomorrow:    Hiking and sights around Denali


  1. You National Geographic photographer you!

  2. I hope you were in the bus shooting grizzly's!

    1. Yes, we were in the bus with nothing allowed to extend beyond the window frame when we were gawking/photographing.

  3. Fabulous shots - love the bear the best.