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Thursday, June 11, 2015


Today we left Homer and drove to Seward.     We were doubling back on most of the trip since there are very few roads here.      It was like an entirely new trip, however, because we had mostly clear skies versus the rainy cloudy day we had earlier in the week.

One of the things we missed before was this volcano.       The ocean, volcano and sky/clouds seem to blend together.

As we neared Seward we took a side trip to Exit Glacier.     We were able to hike very close, but could not actually get to it.

These two birds were busy finding lunch.

We found our cabin on Bear Creek a few miles out of town.     There are four cabins hidden in the woods.      Our hosts advised us that they saw a female bear and one cub yesterday by the cabins, so we should be aware.     

 The sound of the stream is delightful!

The weather was nice enough that I could sit on the deck and read for a while when RJ was watching the basketball game.

We finally found a location, walking distance from the cabin, where the salmon were running.     It was about 10 pm, still daylight but too dark in this shaded area to get really great photos.     It was still a great experience to see this.

Some of the salmon were like basketball players and totally missed their mark!

 We were told these were Coho Salmon.

Another day of new adventures...........

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  1. The cabin looks perfect- sports on TV for him, the woods, bears and salmon to photo. I'd sure like staying there!