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Monday, June 8, 2015

Kenai Peninsula

We have spent some time on the Kenai Peninsula and absolutely love it.     Fortunately, with our flexibility, we have the option to spend more time here, which we will definitely do!  It has been my favorite part of this Alaskan adventure to date!

The rivers are beautiful!    Some of them are so turquoise in color you would think you are in the Caribbean!    The mountains are mostly snow capped with several glaciers around.   And, wildlife to drool over.  

I still haven't seen the moose meandering down the streets, but I fully expect to see it at some point.

We have been hiking and carrying my "big" lens.     For those of you in the camera world, thats a 400 lens with a 1.4 extender.     It will definitely bring the wildlife much closer than would be comfortable with most lenses!

This view is available around every corner.     Most of you know that I totally dislike snow and winter, but I love snow capped mountains when I can be in shirt sleeves!

Alaska is quite expensive (primarily because their tourist season is so short) so we have been staying in Mom and Pop motels along the way.     We don't always have the best selection of channels  (or non at all tonight since the cloud cover interferes with the satellite), but I have been conscientious about finding places with good internet.    

Some of the places we have stayed have had a bit of a run down exterior, but each and every place has been extremely clean.    I have been very impressed!    The people in the motels and restaurant/pubs have been so friendly and welcoming.    


The aqua colors didn't come through on this picture - I will have to go out in the morning and re-shoot it because you will love the color of the Kenai River.     The fishing season opens on Thursday, so this area will be shoulder to shoulder fishermen.     I would love to see that, but we would have never gotten a room!

Again, my long lens came in handy.    

This "wild guy" has been so patient with all my camera stops.     How did I get so lucky?


  1. thank you Marti for sharing - I am living vicariously through you:)

  2. Your reference to the "wild guy" - was that the Grizzly bear or the last photo of Bob? I guess either one could claim that title. Great shots of the bears! Glad it was with your big lens and that you weren't close to them. You're seeing so much more than I did during the bus trip I went on, but I doubt I'll get Pete to want to drive the RV up there. I think he had his fill of Alaska during his driving time.

  3. A few of these photos will put Al on his toes! Thanks for sharing...when did you get a 400mm?