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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Seward Cruise Part 2

There were so many wonderful things to see (and share) that I am doing a 2-part of our cruise out of Seward.

Sea Lions are everywhere.     It might have something to do with the sunny warm day we are having.

These three seagulls (or Kittiwakes) were quite content on this small ice float.

I found the tips of this glacier very interesting.  

Look closely in the lower left corner.     This glacier was calving.    It was a fairly large piece of ice that broke off and fell into the ocean.    We heard several of the roars that proclaim a shift in the ice, but this is the only one that I actually saw.

There were several Sea Otters in the water.    They just float on by and look at you as you are staring at them.    These otters have fur that is denser than any other animal in the world, with as many as a million hairs per single square inch.     They also eat a lot - up to one quarter of their body weight in shellfish every day!     My kind of animal - I could live on shellfish each and every day!

This sea lion and baby were enjoying their time on this ice float.

The Ranger on board took a net and scooped up one of the ice floats.     They then proceeded to make cocktails using the ice.     Of course, we had to have one!    

Here's a piece of the iceburg from our cocktail.....

We were entertained by humpback whales and gray whales.     Everyone on board was amazed as these two entertained us.

We are off to Denali  (Mt McKinley)    

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