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Monday, June 1, 2015

Haines to Tok

Today was a day of driving.    We left Haines, AK after a filling breakfast from our Hosts at the B&B.      A cruise ship had just pulled in (they only get one a week) and so they would have a full day at their gift shop on the ground floor.      I didn't ever go into the shop since I had no intention of buying anything, especially after she told me she buys all the gift items at Costco.    Buyer beware!

On the  way to the US/Canada border we passed this "Honeymoon Hotel".      After 46 years, I guess we won't be needing these deluxe accomodations.

We were told we would most certainly see a bear or a moose on our trip.     This guy came down a hill and across the road in record time.     Not a total  tourist "back side of the animal" shot, but pretty close!   Hey, it was raining, Bob had to decelerate from 60 mph to zero, partially pull off the road, I had to get out of the car, turn on the camera and shoot.      I'm surprised I got the full bear in the frame!

One of our little side trips was to Kathleen Lake in the Yukon Territories.      This was a small bay of the lake but I thought it was the most photogenic.      

Tonight we are in Tok, AK.      Fortunately we got through Canadian customs and later US customs with no delays.      The real challenge was the road!      It had a lot of potholes, not all were marked with the little orange flags.      There were also large stretches of gravel where they were repairing the roads.      After one of these gravel stretches I asked RJ if he was glad to be off the gravel and his reply was "sure, now I get to dodge potholes again!"

At least we were still laughing.....................


  1. You are really making some time getting up there. So glad you got to see the bear, hope some moose wander your way soon.

  2. All right proof of your first bear sighting!