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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No more Alaska...................

We spent two days traveling from Beaver Creek, YT to Whitehorse and then on to Watson Lake.

These are WWII vehicles that quit working and were left behind.     When they were building the Alaskan Hwy this frequently happened as they were unable to get replacement parts.

This is beautiful Teslin Lake.    

You know I can't resist a waterfall.     This was a lovely short hike in the woods and the reward was two waterfalls.     It's a nice way to stretch your legs and get a few steps in.      Truthfully, my fitbit says I've been getting an acceptable number of steps each day.     Unfortunately, I know I'm not getting that many steps.    I think the bumpy roads make it think I am actually moving.

This black bear was very engrossed in eating grass - they eat it in the spring to comfort their stomachs after the long winter nap.     He (she?) really didn't care that I was up on the road shooting away.

Less than a mile later I saw a man had stopped his RV and was crossing the road.    I didn't see anything, but decided to check it out anyway.      This bear (grizzly, I think) was also out for a mid-day snack.    I was ready to bolt if he even looked up since RJ was parked on the other side of the highway.

As you can see in the distance, the air is not clear and beautiful.    We spent two days driving in smokey air.     The eyes were definitely burning at the end of the day.

This helicopter was carrying a bag of water or chemicals to fight a fire.    I guess the flames might have been a bit closer than we thought.

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  1. Great shots. It's going to be hard to return to the lower 48 states after such an adventure.