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Monday, July 20, 2015


We decided to take a week and relax around Bozeman on our return journey.      We made several trips to Yellowstone and spent the rest of the time relaxing and exploring the area around town.

Driving in one of the canyons, I was drawn to this barn.     I loved that they still had their Christmas wreath hanging.      This barn has something for everyone - metal roof, red paint, log cabin finish and the wreath.

At the end of the canyon was a nice hike to this waterfall.     It didn't have the most water in its fall, but that just  gave it more character as it broke over the rocks.

This dog loved to walk back and forth along the little pond at the base of the waterfalls.

This look of the water breaking over the rocks was my favorite part of this hike.  

Some one left their backpack along the trail.    This little guy seems pretty curious.

This is a shot from Yellowstone.      I love the colors and the reflections.

Our Alaska adventure has come to an end.      We are back visiting our son and many friends in and around our old home in Onalaska.      Posts will be few and far between as we enjoy our time here.

The fall months will be spent in the Carolinas.     It's time to start making reservations............


  1. Do you have time for lunch while in town? call

  2. I'm going to miss the shots from Canada and Yellowstone, but it's nice having you closer again.