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Monday, July 6, 2015


We were in Banff on Canada Day, their celebration similar to our July 4th.       There are crowds everywhere  (we are just 50 miles or so from Calgary)      The parks are full of picnic baskets, the boaters are out, bands are playing.     Yes, very similar to our festivities.  

These young people are waiting for their time on stage.

We went for a drive and found this hike to a waterfall.     It didn't sound too long, but it was uphill all the way.     In addition, there was one 40 foot section that was a narrow path next to a slide area.    Mind over matter and I made it through.    I'm used to climbing over rocks by now so that was no issue.       We turn a sharp corner and see this impressive waterfall.     The standing area is probably eight foot square with no rails and major drop offs.     I made sure RJ was holding on to me while I shot a few pictures.      We  couldn't see the continuation of the falls and stream below but this was sufficient!

Zooming in.....

Back in the town of Banff, we hiked a very flat easy trail around some waterways.     It is a very popular place with kayakers and canoers.      

Tomorrow is a road trip down toward Waterton National Park..................

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  1. You are a hiking diva - I doubt I could keep up with you.