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Saturday, July 11, 2015


We are spending a week in Bozeman, MT.      Our first adventure is a return trip to Yellowstone NP.

These trees are an attempt at an artistic photo - no bears or waterfalls.    Enjoy!

The North entrance to the park is my favorite, maybe because this is where I caught the two elk fighting during rut season a few years ago.     It is still my favorite wildlife moment.     If I had the external hard drive with me, I would share those photos.     Maybe after we get back.......

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces.    These hot springs are reshaping the mountain.     What you are seeing  here is the dissolving calcium carbonate from the springs, building travertine terraces.

This is the Liberty Cap, a dormant hot spring cone.      No further comments from me, but, Ron, this one is for you!

Of course, I found a waterfall.......................

Throughout this part of the park, the hills were covered in daisies.

On to the animals.    I loved the rack on this guy.

This antelope surprised me as we rounded a corner.

A trip to Yellowstone would not be complete without a large herd of buffalo crossing the road.     I think we sat and waited for nearly half an hour for them to meander from the left side of the road to the right.

We will return to Yellowstone two more times before our time in Bozeman is finished.

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  1. The dissolving calcium is fascinating - it looks like snow.